Private Detective Services in Illinois and Indiana




  • Investigations -  Criminal and Civil. Professional Investigators using information from  clients or developed from authorities, interviews of subjects, and  records obtained, to present the client with adequate defense or  prosecutorial  material for trial.
  • Subrosa Surveillance  - undercover work relative to insurance fraud, workmen's compensation  claims, liability claims using seasoned Investigators in a multitude of  various vehicles for covert action in any area of city, country, or  industrial setting.
  • Workmen's Compensation Investigations  - years of experience in court testimony and presentation of video  evidence in defense of lawsuit for a claim of work related accident. 
  • Background Checks  - personal history of people in lieu of their hire to be an  employee that will have access to sensitive material of a company or  handle cash amounts.
  • Process Service - Professional Investigators serving primarily  central Illinois and Indiana, or set pricing for longer distances.
  • Domestic Investigation - Divorce cases, Child Custody cases conducted by a Professional Investigator.
  • Industrial Survey - a cursory  or indepth review of sites for exposure to liability.